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Home Remodeling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Fryer Construction LLC

Fryer Construction LLC is a local leader for home remodeling contractor services, including offering necessary information. Review these FAQs or contact us with the one you have that hasn't already been answered here.

Q. What Should I Expect During the Design & Renovation Process?

Each job is unique, and it depends on how extensive your remodeling project is. However, generally, we'll communicate during the pre-design phase to find out what you hope to accomplish. After the design, you'll be able to offer any suggestions for changes you'd like. From there, the actual building work begins.

Q. Does my Family Have to Leave During Remodeling?

The answer to this also depends on the severity of the job. For most renovation work, there's no need for anyone to leave home. We take precautionary steps to keep the interior of your household clean and free from dust. If the job is extensive enough to require leaving at any point, we'll discuss that with you so you can plan accordingly.

Q. What Type of Remodeling Does Fryer Construction LLC Offer?

Fryer Construction LLC offers the two most commonly requested remodeling jobs - kitchen and bathroom. We also take care of additions. However, we provide other services that can help you make significant changes to your home. Before starting any job, call us to find out if it's the type of task we could handle for you.

Q. What Type of Handyman Services Do You Offer?

In addition to our renovation services, we're there for our customers when they need handyman services too. Some of the handyman services that we offer include tasks like drywall repair, painting, and taking care of rental repairs.

Q. How Long Does the Process Take?

The length of time your particular project will take all depends on how extensive it is. Obviously, minor renovations can take just a few days, while significant remodeling work can take months. When we meet with you to discuss your project, we'll give you an idea of the projected timeline for your work.

Q. When is the Best Time to Remodel?

Most of the work that needs to be done for remodeling can be carried out at any time of year. There are specific details, such as pouring a foundation, that should be done when the weather is suitable and temperatures above freezing. Again, this is something to be discussed during a consultation, but, in most cases, your project can begin right away.


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